Family friends have always known the Gufo’s wine. They were drinking it with the salvia and rosemary scented roasts […]


Baccus apertos colles amat. This is what the Romans – surely big experts of wine and viticulture – used to say […]


The Terre di Cosenza DOP (Denomination of Protected Origin), recently established, covers the entire […]


Ancient grape variety of Greek origin, the Magliocco Dolce is one of the most  widely grown cultivars  in the […]


In Calabrian dialect “timpa” is an inaccessible place. Such is the vineyard from which this wine is born. Grown at 500 meters above sea-level with high density planting and low yield per vine, it is a bitter land to be conquered. The fruit that this land gives is instead rich and embracing.



It is born from native grapes such as Magliocco, Mantonico, Greco Nero: ancient grapes with evocative names for a wine that is exuberant and well structured. The November harvesting and vinification at controlled temperatures add  smootness and fragrance to its strong character.


Kaulos is the original Greek root-word fot the ancient Caulonia name. It grows from the grapes of Roberto Oppedisano, an agronomist in one of the most extreme areas of Calabria. The calcareous soils, that are close to the sea, and the harvesting with partially drying process make it warm and sweet.


It comes from direct soft pressing of Aglianico and Magliocco grapes, vinificated like white wine, with strict control of temperature and oxidation. It matches the mediterranean cooking, both its fish and meats. It loves slightly mature pecorino, shellfishes, fish soups and hot summer evenings.

Terre del Gufo

Wines of High Calabria in Cosenza's Lands

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