The Terre di Cosenza DOP

The Terre di Cosenza DOP (Denomination of Protected Origin), recently established, covers the entire Cosenza province and it unifies the small wine DOCs (denominations of controlled origin) which once were throughout the area (they are today recognized as sub-zones).
It is a historically destined land, which is characterized by the vine and olive cultivation since the age of Enotri (whose etymological derivation is from the Greek word οiνος, “wine”).the ancient Italic population who lived in Southern Campania, Lucania and Northern Calabria.
The grapes are grown in a large majority on hilly territory and it is concentrated in the North on the Pollino slopes, in the area of Saracena, on the slopes of the Crati valley and of the Esaro valley; around Orsomarso on the Tyrrhenian coast; on the hills of the northern Ionio see at East and at South in the area around Cosenza on the fringes of the Savuto valley.
Our vineyards are in the area of Donnici (Latin dominici fields, ie in ancient time state-owned fields), a small village few minutes south of Cosenza, which was founded at the end of 9th century, when people from Cosenza abandoned the semi-destroyed town , in order to escape the Saracen invasions, and they moved to the surrounding mountains.
The territory, located at the foot of the Sila plateau, is hilly with about 500 meters average altimetry above sea level. The climate is ” fresh Mediterranean ” with rainy autumns and winters and dry summers. The average annual temperature is 14.5 ° C.

Specification for the PDO “Terre di Cosenza”