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The Timpamara is produced from grapes that in the area are called “French grapes” in order to distinguish them from the native Magliocco. Actually, as it has been proven, they are clones of Syrah, probably from Sicily, which were very well acclimated and are now typed The vineyard is situated in the Borgo Partenope hamlet at 450 meters above sea-level and it takes advantage from a semicircular disposition and from a magnificent southwest exposure. The soil is sub acid, with a sandy texture, rather poor in organic matter. This results into low vigor and low yields (less than one kilogram per plant) for the benefit of concentration and quality.
The main characteristic of the grape is the acidity performance that remains persists notwithstanding the delayed harvest, which gives the wine liveliness and freshness associated with a strong structure. The winemaking is in temperature controlled steel with maceration on the skins until the sugar (about 10 days). It is refined in small oak barrels of first, second and third passages for about a year and it is completed by a passage into steel and from a standstill in bottles for at least six months before the sale.


  • Grapes: Syrah 100% (named in the area “French grapes” )
  • Area of production: Borgo Partenope (Cosenza)
  • Alcohol content: 15,0% vol.
  • Dry extract: 38 g/l
  •  Total Acidity: 5,5 g/l
  • Ph: 3,6
  • Winemaking: into stainlees steel at controller temperature
  • Yeasts: selected
  • Refining:14 months into stainless and into small first and second passage oak barrels
  • Yield: 50 tons
  • Period of harvesting: first decade of October
  • Altimetry: 450 meters above sea-level
  • Exposure: South-West
  • Soil: sub-acid sandy
  • Cultivation: not cultived (perennial spontaneous grassing)
  • Produced bottles: 3.000

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