Baccus apertos colles amat

This is what the Romans – surely big experts of wine and viticulture – used to say. In the area surrounding Cosenza, grapevines are still harvested on scarcely cultivated slopes on high hills, leveraging scarce terrains characterized by a wide range of temperatures and altitudes.
The vines are trained by the spurred cordon system or otherwise by “alberello” (head–trained bush vine), and they characterize the landscape of the area in the South of the town.
The rooms are a cordon or traditional sapling. of the south of the city. Cosenza is one of the Italian town with the largest number of vineyards located within the municipal area, at few kilometers from the historical center of the town, which is very interesting from the artistic, architectonical and urban point of view of art, and urban planning) and here there is home a gorgeous enoteca regionale (Regional Stock of Vintage Wines) that deserves a visit.
If you love grapes that grow on hills, if you love landscapes in which grapevines and olive trees alternate, if you love expressive wines or if you are curious to try the magliocco you should come and visit us. We will be glad to have you as our host and to enjoy our wine in your company.

Will you visit our vineyards?